Sunday, 19 July 2015

A little time in the Garden

The Wayward Carnival has some excellent items for outdoor decorating. The bunnies from {anc} look cute anywhere and the chair swing from [ zerkalo ] comes in a variety of colours and would look great both indoors and outdoors. I couldn't resist popping over to my grandparents garden and taking a few pics with some of the great finds from the Carnival.

[ zerkalo ] Chair Swing - white
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar [A] 1Li

NOMAD // Industrial Bathtub .002
NOMAD // Bath Stool
[ zerkalo ] Chair Swing - white
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar [E] 1Li

You can find these goodies at the Wayward Carnival

Wayward Carnival Goodies

There are some super cute goodies at the Wayward Carnival and the Carnival itself is just amazing.

Just one of the amazing things you can find at the Carnival is this Hot Air Balloon from Soy. It comes in different colours and can be flown or is static.

Your Taxi

Wayward Carnival

The Wayward Carnival is now open until the 30th July. It has some amazing designers, builders, and creators in all of Second Life! The Wayward Carnival is being held July 15th – 30th and spotlights designer exclusives as well as our working carnival!

Participating stores are listed on the website below and are on the sim in alphabetical order which makes it super easy to find anyone you are looking for. But seriously, check out all the stalls because there are some amazing things there.

For More information go to: