Monday, 2 February 2015

Velvet Dreaming

Fameshed is open for February and I loved these items from The Loft. 
Teamed with the new chair from +POME+ Dortchen it makes a nice velvety toned room for the gents of sl or anyone looking for a vintage luxury type room.The chair has some really unique poses I haven't seen before for singles, couples and friends.

The Loft - Upton Mirror, Kuo Console Table, Pear Trinket Box, Stone Bowl, Aden Bench Black Diamonds (all available at February Fameshed)
Zaara [home] : Antique telephone
{vespertine - book of tale lover.}
+POME+ Dortchen Sofa in Noir, Rich Floor Rug
!-IE-!Sushi & Wine 
Kalopsia - Arabella's Letters

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