Saturday, 21 March 2015

Out and About

I've been out and about exploring in sl a lot recently and I've been busy posting pics to flickr ( but have neglected to post them here.
Some of the sims I've been visiting are truly amazing. The sim designers put so much time and effort into making their sims so enjoyable for everyone to visit. SL never ceases to amaze me with all the beauty and different places it has to offer

Taken at Town of Honeybriar, Amadoris (152, 101, 25)

 Brampton Wood ., Scorpion Cove (155, 206, 22)

Taken at The Shire - All that's good and green in this world..., The Shire (146, 158, 32)

Taken at MoDANNA Mainstore, Le Quartier Francais (91, 117, 24)

Taken at *Everwinter* Post Apocalyptic Theme Park, Elven Mist (127, 115, 26)

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