Tuesday, 31 March 2015

For the Boys

There are some really cute industrial/masculine looks around at the moment. I think this look has come a long way and makes it much easier for men of sl to decorate their homes in style. 

.Clementine just released a cute group gift that looks great in most houses, a loft or even in the garage. 

.Clementine. Vintage Industrial Cupboard (group gift)
MudHoney Relaxed Shades 
TA Hat Stand
The Loft - Don't Matter Frame
** Beach House SAN ROSA - REDGRAVE

SC13 Naughty Wall Art - Squares
=EliBaily= Chester Leather Sofa D.brown (A)
{theosophy} Chess Set
=EliBaily= Nar Coffee Table_Black
=EliBaily= Potted Nep Plant
=EliBaily= Pipe Lamp_Black
oyasumi / drawer desk / dark
Stockholm&Lima: Argonaut Mirror [TMDedition]
oyasumi / desk chair / black

Dutchie maledom chair 2.0
TA Vintage Radio
The Loft - Brass Side Table

:FANATIK HOME: Era Kilim Rug 3

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